Umbilical Slurry Spreading
We carry out slurry spreading with an umbilical system. This system incorporates a 9m dribble bar with built in flow meter. We can spread 1000m plus from the tank with out puts exceeding 20,000 gallon per hour (Output varies depending on slurry velocity and distance from pump) Wide low ground pressure tyres are also used in wetter conditions to minimise ground damage.



Tanker Slurry Spreading

Slurry Spreading is also available with a 2000 gallon tanker. This can be carried out using an inverted spread-plate or the 9m dribble bar. The tanker is mounted on large 30.5 tyres for low ground compaction. 

Slurry Transfer

We can also transfer slurry from tank to tank using both the umbilical slurry system and the 2000 gallon tanker. We can also ferry to trailers or field tankers using an overhedge boom on the tanker or alternatively use the boom to deposit slurry into the top of a slurry store.

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Silage Tedding

NEW IN 2016. We are now able to offer grass tedding to help improve your silage quality. Tedding increases the dry matter % of your silage and therefore increases your sugar content and reduces the amount of effluent. We have to 30ft tedders available so we can be available when we are required.

Manure Spreading

We can also carry out manure spreading with a rear discharge spreader. This provides an even coat over the ground and is suitable  for even grazing ground. Loading can be arranged if required.




Water Pumping

We can also use the umbilical slurry system to pump water from fields, road side floods and quarries etc.

Snow Ploughing

During the winter months we carry out snow ploughing when required. We have snow ploughs available all over Northern Ireland so we can be sure to have someone with you as soon as we are needed. All snowploughs are correctly insured for the task at hand.



De-Icing Salt

De-Icing salt is also available to buy in 25kg bags, 12 kg buckets and 5 kg buckets. call today to hear our great prices.