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SJG Contracts was formed by Stewart Gallick in 2009 after seeing a need for a more dedicated slurry spreading service. The business was formed on the ethos of "we aren't busy at something else when you need your slurry spread", an ethos which has carried through to today.



Originally the services included slurry spreading and carting silage, vegetables, sawdust and dung with a 14 tonne herron trailer. In 2010 slurry spreading with an umbilical system was added to the services. Following the addition of the umbilical system a dribble bar was added to the line up in 2011. This new technology put SJG Contracts at the forefront of slurry spreading and was the basis on which the business began to grow. 



Today SJG Contracts maintains its original ethos while offering other services. New services have included farmyard manure spreading, power harrowing, snow ploughing and new to 2016 is grass treading. The dribble bar has now been upgraded to a wider 9m version with a built in flow meter. This combined with wide low flotation tyres means we continue to carry out an accurate high quality service.